Gray iron

Grey Cast Iron Castings Specific Parameter

The material grade of vary standard which we can produce

GB/T9439 ISO185 ASTMA48 EN1561 DIN1691 BS1452 NFA32-101 JISG5501 ΓOCT1412
HT150 150 No.20A, No.20B EN-GJL-150 GG15 0.6015 150 FGL150 FC150 CЧ15
HT200 200 No.25A, No.25B EN-GJL-200 GG20 0.6020 220 FGL200 FC200 CЧ20
HT250 250 No.30A,No.30BNo.35A, No.35B EN-GJL-250 GG25 0.6025 260 FGL250 FC250 CЧ25
HT300 300 No.40A, No.40B EN-GJL-300 GG30 0.6030 300 FGL300 FC300 CЧ30

Process Parameters   

Produce Process Casting Tolerance Weight Range
Clay sand castings CT9 – CT11 5KGS – 200KGS
Resin sand castings CT10 – CT12 50KGS – 50000KGS
EPC(lost foam) castings CT8 – CT10 50KGS – 1000KGS

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