Martensitic stainless steel


The material grade of vary standard which we can produce

GB2100;GB/T6967 ISO/11972 ASTM A487 NF A32-056 DIN17445 BS3100part4 JISG5121 ACIUNS ГОСТ
ZG10Cr13 GX12Cr12 CA-15CA-15M Z12Cr13M G-X8CrNi13(1.4008)G-X7Cr13 (1.4006) 410C21 SCS1 CA-15J91150 15X13
ZG20Cr13 Z22Cr13M G-X20Cr14(1.4027) 420C28 SCS2 CA-40J91201 20X13
ZG06Cr13Ni4Mo GX4Cr12 4 CA-6NM Z4CND13.4M G-X5CrNi13 -4(1.4313) 425C12 SCS6
ZG06Cr16Ni5Mo CA-6A Z4CND16.4M ~SCS24

Process Parameters

Produce Process Casting Tolerance Weight Range
Sand Castings CT10 – CT13 50KGS – 10000KGS
Precision Casting CT7 – CT9 0.01KGS – 30KGS
Hard Precision Shell Casting CT8 – CT10 5KGS – 1000KGS