Wear-resistant cast steel

Wear-resistant Steel Specific Parameters

The material grade of vary standard which we can produce

GB/T5680 ISO/13521 ASTM A128 UNS DIN BS JISG5131 ГОСТ977
ZGMn13-1 GX120Mn13 B4 J91149 G-X120Mn131.3802 BW10(En145)   Г13Л 
ZGMn13-2 GX100Mn12 A J91109 G-X120Mn121.3401   SCMnH1 11013Л 
ZGMn13-3   B-1  J91119 G-X110Mn141.3402   SCMnH3 110Г13Л 
ZGMn13-4 GX120MnCr13-2 B-2 J91129     SCMnH11  
  GX120MnCr17-2 C J91309     SCMnH21 110Г13X2БPЛ
ZGMn13-5 GX110MnMo13-1 E-1 J91249        
Process Parameters
Produce Process Casting Tolerance  Weight Range 
Sand Castings CT10 – CT13 20KGS – 3000KGS
Hard Precision Shell Casting  CT8 – CT10 1KG – 1000KGS